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Get to know Team Maryland Sailing Athlete Terrel Limerick...

Question: Where is your hometown?
Answer: Bethesda, MD

Question: What other Sports do you participate in?
Answer: Basketball, Bowling, Alpine Skiing, Cross County Skiing, Kayaking and Track & Field

Question: Where do you work?
Answer: I am an Office Assistant at the Special Olympics International office in Washington D.C.

Question: What are some of your accomplishments?
Answer: I have won over 100 gold, bronze and silver medals. I am an Athlete Leadership Global Messenger - I visit schools and government agencies in Washington D.C. and other places to talk about Special Olympics. I am an actor with Artstream, a performing arts center, for 10 years.

Question: Name 3 ways Special Olympics Maryland (SOMD) has changed your life
Answer: Special Olympics has helped me develop better physical fitness, compete in many different sports and meet new friends.

Question: What is your vision for SOMD in the future?
Answer: I want to see Special Olympics continue to serve athletes world wide.

Question: What does SOMD and attending the World Games mean to you?
Answer: It has been one of my main goals in life and i am thrilled to represent Maryland and Montgomery County.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have overcome?
Answer: Sometimes people don'y understand why I am learning disabled - because I have an identical twin brother (Joel) who is not disabled. He is the President of a computer company.

Question: Describe your family's involvement with SOMD
Answer: My parents and twin brother love SOMD. They volunteer for some sports that I play.

Question: What are your hobbies?
Answer: Hiking and acting classes

Question: How did you first find out about SOMD
Answer: At my school

Question: Who is your favorite celebrity?
Answer: 1. Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her family 2. President Barack Obama

Thank you for supporting SOMD. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
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